Post Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:01 am

Control Panel v6.0

UltimateGameHost has released some new features for our VPS customers that should make VPS administration a great deal easier. View the demo or watch our YouTube video with the new features in action:

Edit Game Server: Enter any number of slots you want and for CSGO/HL2DM change the tickrate. Not available for KF, L4D2, or Minecraft. Note that even though you can set it as you wish a high number of slots can be too much for the smaller VPS accounts.

Clone Game Server: Copies the contents of one instance to another of the same game type. Useful for creating multiple servers of the same game with minor changes between them. Command line is not cloned but all files are copied.

Delete Game Server: Delete the game server and reclaim disk space on your VPS. Note that this is data destructive.