Post Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:50 pm

Now Offering Windows Servers

For the first time UltimateGameHost is now offering Windows servers. Effective today TF2, CSS, DODS, Garry's Mod, and HL2DM are available for purchase under the Windows operating system at our Dallas, TX location. Customers now have a choice between Linux and Windows for these games.

This is different from Windows under Wine, which ultimately is also run under linux. These servers are running on a genuine Windows operating system for better performance and stability. This should also make certain binary addons work properly that couldn't run under wine. Also effective today, we have ended all Windows under Wine sales.

Note that we decided to charge slightly more for this service offering (+10 cents/slot), the Windows Server operating system isn't free and this raised our costs a little. Linux servers will continue to be sold at the old price per slot.

Known Issues:

-Our Mani admin plugin and event script installers need an update (or will be removed depending on our tests).
-To view the latest console or server log stop the server first. Microsoft FTP cannot open files that are in use by the server.