Post Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:38 am

Control Panel v4.3

UltimateGameHost is pleased at announce the release of control panel v4.3. Changes are:

Update Rollback: we changed our backend to keep backups of all patched files starting on November 9, 2012. Any update after that date can now be quickly and easily reverted using the new rollback feature in the control panel. Note that this only backs up and restores files changed by an update, it does not track changes you made via FTP. New files created by an update will still be left behind, but typically when a troublesome update comes out it's the changed files that matter. To read more please see our FAQ.
Sourcemod and Metamod: Source: we have updated to Sourcemod 1.5.0 snapshot 3683 and Metamod: Source 1.1.10 snapshot 811.
Evolvemod: we corrected our installer so Evolvemod can now be installed for Gmod 13.