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Control Panel v3.0

PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:32 am
by bearp
UltimateGameHost has released a major update to its control panel today with these new features:

* Change password: change your control panel and/or FTP password.

* Automatic service monitoring and restart: we've always had automatic restart for when the binary actually exits but often times the games can crash leaving the binary running but unresponsive to the game protocol. Now, customers can enable automatic restart so that if the game doesn't respond in the last two minutes and it has been more than ten minutes since the last restart a restart is automatically issued. Existing customers: this feature is off by default, new customers: this feature is on by default. Not available on Killing Floor.

* Automatic patching: automatically patch the server when an update is released. The patcher checks to see if anyone is on the server before beginning the patch process, which requires a server restart. Not available on Killing Floor.

* Sub-user management: users can create Admin or User accounts to provide differing levels of access to their server. This feature is also handy if you want to use an easier to remember username than the one the automated system creates for you. Up to 5 sub-user accounts can be created per master account.

* Extras management: Setup and use the free extras without a waiting period! Nearly instantly installs Joomla (or plain clansite), PHPBB3, and for all source based games except Garry's Mod, HLStatsX: CE (along with the sourcemod stats plugins and the appropriate log address lines to your server.cfg). Existing customers: if we manually setup extras for you in the past these will be represented with the word LEGACY in the panel.

* Status no longer via RCON: status is now gathered differently, so the RCON password no longer has to be in sync just to tell if your server is running or how many players are on it. RCON password must still be in sync to use the RCON tab. Status has been extended to the older HLDS games, but remains unavailable for Killing Floor.