Post Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:10 pm

Basic Sourcemod Usage Guide

This tutorial outlines how to install and use Sourcemod for administration of Half-Life 2 and Source games using our control panel.

First, you'll need to gather some information, namely your steam ID, we have a tutorial on this here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=39

Once you have your steam ID, follow these steps:

1) Log into the control panel website using the username and password that we sent you in email.

2) On the "Addons" tab of the control panel, check the box for Sourcemod and enter in your Steam ID from above.

3) Apply the changes to your server and wait for it to reboot.

4) Now, open up your game, Counter-Strike: Source, or whichever game corresponds to the server you purchased. When you get into the game, select the "Options" section from the game's main menu.

5) Choose "Keyboard" and then click on "Advanced Options" at the bottom. Check the box for "Enable Developer Console" and click on Ok, Apply, and then Ok again in order.

6) Now, connect to your server.

7) Open the console by pressing the key you just enabled, should be the "~" just above the "TAB" key on most keyboards.

8) Type into the console exactly what is in the code box below:

bind "x" "sm_admin"

9) Press enter and the key will bind, press the "~" again to close console.

10) Hit "x" on your keyboard and the admin menu should appear on the left, from here you can press the number keys next to the option you want to explore.

Enjoy your new sourcemod install!