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Common Server Maintenance Tasks

This tutorial will cover a broad range of subjects. The list is expected to grow and change as we are asked various different questions. An index will be provided at the top of this tutorial posting, and updated with the new server maintenance tasks.

Remember, many of these tutorials require you understand the prerequisites of using an FTP client, as this is currently the only method we offer for you to maintain your server. The tutorial for using an FTP client is found here:

Some of them will also require you have knowledge of RCON commands, the tutorial for those can be found here:

Table of Contents
  • 1) Adding Maps to Your Server

1) Adding Maps to Your Server

To add maps to your server, you will need to download your map files. Often times you can find your maps available for download from a number of online file hosting services. Go ahead and download these files to your local hard drive, to your desktop if you like. Make sure you have the ".bsp" files downloaded and saved. If the map files are inside a ".zip" or a ".bz2" document they will NOT work with the server in that format, and must be extracted, instructions for that can typically be found at the website from which you received the files themselves.

Sometimes maps come with instructions themselves, if they do, you will want to follow those directions in lieu, or in concert with those that follow.

So let's say that you have your map downloaded. I will use the fictional map of "de_coolmap". If you downloaded "de_coolmap" you should have a file that is named like this:


Alright, so now that we have de_coolmap we will want to add it to the server. Go ahead and start up your FTP client and connect to your server. Browse on your local side of the FTP client to the location of the bsp file, and on the remote side (your server) browse into the "maps" directory. It should be just inside the first directory displayed, and not more than one or two clicks away.

Once the map is uploaded, you are all set. You can make the map change on the server happen automatically or by using RCON. I will go over both possibilities:

A) Automatic map change.

When the games time limit for a map runs out, the server changes to the next map in a file it uses called "mapcycle.txt". This is a very simple file with just the names of the maps in it. Your mapcycle.txt might look something like this at the moment (the names will vary based on the mod you are running):


To make your map automatically part of this rotation, download the mapcycle.txt file with your FTP client and then edit it so it looks like this:


Note that we do NOT want to write .bsp for any of the maps. Always write everything that precedes the ".bsp" portion of the file name. One map name per line, and avoid unnecessary whitespaces.

You can now restart your server with the "rcon exit" rcon command to make the new mapcycle file take effect.

B) To Manually Change to The Map Right Away

Type in the RCON command below and the map name. It is in a code box below exactly as you would see it in game in console:

rcon changelevel de_coolmap

Your server will then change to the new map.

Note that when clients connect they will have to download the map in order to play, depending on the map size this can take some time.


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