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How to Find Your Steam ID

For some of our server choices you may want to include a steam ID if you are asking for a pre-installed admin plugin that will be ready for you to use right away. The following guidelines help us help you to find the information you need, and give us the proper steam ID for your server to be setup.

To locate your steam ID, you can do one of the following options:

Option 1

Open up a half life 1 or 2 based game, such as Counter Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat 1.3, Team Fortress Classic, Counter Strike Source, Day of Defeat Source, or Team Fortress 2. Any of these games will do.

In the main menu of that game, click on the following in order:

1) Options
2) Keyboard
3) Advanced

Check the box for "Enable Developer Console"

Join any server, while in the server, press the console key, which is often the "~" key on your keyboard just above the "TAB" key. A console will appear at the top right of your in game screen.

Type status into the console and hit enter. Next to your name you will see an item that starts with "STEAM_" it will be followed by numbers, an example could be "STEAM_0:0:123456". This number, including the "STEAM_" portion of it is your steam ID.

Option 2

Option 2 is a bit more tricky, but affords the same results without requiring you to be in game.

First, find your steam folder, often it is in "Program Files" so an example path might be:

C:\Program Files\Steam\

Once you are in the Steam folder, double click on the file "steam.log" to open it in notepad or wordpad or any text editor of your choosing. If you had trouble finding the steam folder, or still can't find it. Search all of your drives for "steam.log" it will be on there somewhere if you have steam installed.

Inside that file, search for the following string exactly as it appears below, note that there is an intentional space after "for", this helps narrow the search.:


When a result is found, it will often be highlighted on screen. Right after the highlighting there will be some numbers. They might look like this "0:0:123456". This is also your steam ID, it is just missing the "STEAM_" from the front of it.

Add "STEAM_" to the front, going with our example, that would make it "STEAM_0:0:123456"

That sequence is your steam ID, sometimes it is helpful to write it down somewhere if you don't want to lose it again.

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